Data Center Solutions

In today’s IT environments, everyone is being asked to do more with less. You are likely looking for ways to cut costs, optimize existing assets, improve service levels and satisfy ever-stricter compliance requirements. You’re trying to make smarter investments, automate processes, and adjust your IT infrastructure to better keep pace with the business.

A key challenge is lack of resources. Consider that 90 percent of IT budgets are required simply to maintain the status quo. Companies have to find ways to redirect that expense into innovation with projects and sourcing options that will cut costs, reduce server real estate, energy use, and risk, and achieve an optimal balance between cost and performance.

Design and Build

The heart of a company's infrastructure is its data center - where the most IT investment is made and where small decisions can have large impact long after they are implemented. In a data center where change is constantly occurring - expansions, consolidations, relocations and migrations - any unplanned event can have a catastrophic business impact. SDS has years of experience managing this change. We've made our reputation by planning, designing, building, relocating and managing data centers for the world's top firms.

Whether building a new facility, expanding an existing data center or retrofitting an existing site, SDS will assess and examine a firm's business needs, adhere to corporate standards, ensure flexibility and provide space for growth.

We build consensus with all the organization's stakeholders - technology, facilities, engineering, real estate and business - to ensure your data center has a reliable, flexible infrastructure that addresses every requirement and is scalable.

An under-performing data center leads to system downtime, loss of data and ultimately, loss of revenue. With the constant changes in legal and regulatory requirements, data centers have also become the focus of periodic audits and the major component of a business continuity planning. Understanding all of the operational requirements necessary to manage today's data centers make it difficult for companies to handle the many facets of this IT challenge.

Moves and Migration

SDS has a proven process and advanced tools to coordinate moves, reduce costs, improve efficiencies and virtualize server environments.

According to Gartner, 94% of IT departments are either considering or undertaking a data center migration program. They point to these initiatives as one of the most effective ways to lower operations costs in a company's data center - and estimate that businesses can save up to 23% in annual costs with a properly executed program.

Moving servers in any data center is incredibly difficult and downright dangerous. A lack of shared and timely information, challenging communications processes, network complexity and a general lack of knowledge about what is stored on servers make even the most seasoned IT professional fearful of possible downtime. SDS has successfully migrated numerous servers using our proven process:

  • Establish a procedure for a seamless transition
  • Develop criteria for server scheduling
  • Implement a server migration dashboard
  • Open a dialog and build confidence with the user community
  • Deliver a seamless migration with no downtime
  • Offer a better understanding of your technology environment going forward