The central mission of SDS is helping our customers realize their full potential. While we are dedicated to a vendor agnostic approach, when we do engage a vendor, having a close relationship with them is critical to ensuring we can get the most out of their solutions.

Part of the SDS advantage comes from our partnerships with leading industry vendors. Working together, we focus on creating innovative solutions that help us sustain a competitive advantage.

SDS emphasizes teamwork in its day-to-day operations, and this collaborative philosophy also extends to our relationships with our business partners. Our associations help SDS deliver on our goal of providing our clients with emerging solutions today, while keeping an eye on technology advancements for tomorrow.

By working closely with our business partners, we are able to offer competitive pricing, custom configurations, pre-installation testing and timely scheduled deliveries. 


As a VMware Solution Provider we are constantly looking for ways to best serve our customers' needs from the desktop to the data center with the unique value VMware virtualization products and solutions offer.  The VMware Solution Provider Program provides SDS with access to resources that can help us create new opportunities to apply what we know, to what our customers need.  Contact us today to find out how SDS can streamline your infrastructure using the latest VMware solutions.

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Hewlett Packard

By coupling our services with HP’s commitment to delivering standards based solutions, we can drive better business results for our customers.  By partnering with HP, we use this framework to develop and deliver solutions that offer choice without compromising the goals of our clients.

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As a Member of the Microsoft Partner Network, we have access to the latest product training, and a wealth of software and other resources. As a member SDS stays in sync with cutting edge Microsoft technologies as they emerge.

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Red Hat

Red Hat has an ecosystem of partners to build, optimize, and deliver innovative solutions to their customers. SDS is proud to be a part of this ecosystem and has NFR license to their vast library of products. This allows us to test solutions for the enormous Red Hat Server customer base and utilize the wealth of proven Red Hat technology solutions that solve real-world business challenges.

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Open Source Software

Open source communities spark innovation and connection.

This concept is fully embraced by SDS in everything we do and it's tied us closely to the open source community. We use open source alternatives to reduce rising licensing costs, while using proven, barrier breaking technologies to solve IT problems.

One of open source software's greatest benefits is its transparency.

There is a saying known as "Linus' law" that says "given enough eyes, all bugs are shallow.” As the source code is available for all to access and modify, there is a large global community of developers who are constantly keeping tabs on the software to find ways of improving it. This includes scoping out bugs and other vulnerabilities in the code, which can then be fixed, enabling the software to be continuously improved. This level of universal collaboration and monitoring is often not available with closed source software.

Enter the world of open source software with us...

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